Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What did I do today?

Today I had a pretty good day, I enjoyed spending the morning with my hubby & little one as our little family. I've been doing some serious cleaning (lack thereof) for my friends visit on Thursday/Friday, we have 1 set of friends coming in from Virginia on Thursday & the other 2 are flying in from Alabama on Friday. I am a total procrastinator but have a touch of ADHD which I use to my advantage at the last minute to get stuff done! I'm looking forward to spending some time with them, having a girls opinion while shopping, pedicures, & all of this while staying on budget, which brings me to my next topic: Saving $!

Tonight I watched Extreme Couponing (much like million others) , I absolutely fell in love with this show because I've recently started couponing.  I'm nowhere near on their level & I didn't really see the point in getting all of the extra products even if they are free! I found motivation for organizing my garage to fit extra non perishables, staying informed on the sales, & trying new products/cutting all coupons because it just really does make sense to try something if it is for free. I noticed a lot of the cashiers faces as the shoppers were checking out & it was as if they were annoyed, I didn't really understand this as it wasn't money coming from their pockets.  One of my first jobs was a cashier & I really appreciated the customers who had large orders, it kept me busy for a while with the same person.

I will try to keep this blog updated with my coupon & organization progress, my first order of business after the New Year is to convert our guest room into a pull out sofa/play room since my little dude received way too many toys.  We are thinking of making it a tradition that at every Christmas he donates most of his toys from the previous year to make room for new ones, he doesn't have much say as he's so little right now so we'll see how this goes.

Last thought of the night is that I can't believe my baby boy is 1, it seriously crept up on me.  I see others having their 2nd babies & I do get baby fever however I am quickly reminded of the work a newborn is as my 1 year old big boy still doesn't sleep through the night & often wakes up crying.  Thus are the joys of mommyhood & I seriously love every moment of it & I'm seriously thankful for my sweet little boy. :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Boys = Men in this post, this is the main thing to remember. 
This post came about as my dear poor husband has been sickly last night & today.  He seems to have some tummy bug although he says its "food poisoning", unfortunately I've been to FPville & know what it feels like & this is not it.  He started by getting sick last night & missing work then continued by having me take him to the Urgent Care today, staying in bed, & missing work again today. I honestly feel badly for him because he (like the majority of men) does not handle sickness well, I say this as I had gall stones which led to a gall bladder removal in May.  If you've ever had stones you know what I'm talking about & I had to continuously care for my son through the pain because my hubby works 2nd shift & there was no one to help; in addition to this I was caring for my little one the same afternoon after I had surgery. Not saying that he isn't feeling well, but just a thought of wondering where the term *man Up* came from...

The 2nd part of my post focuses on men's responsibilities & what society has come to expect & accept from them.  Most men are aware of the joys & woes of bringing a child into the world, or at least my hubby was. I bring up this topic because I notice more & more women accepting & expecting less than stellar help from their mates. My husband is very helpful when he chooses, if he has other things he wants or needs to do than he's obviously a little on the less side.  This is my situation: what I've noticed is when venting or discussing my husband with my mother or in law, in way of him not helping or stepping up to a sick baby or just being lack luster in general, both women go on to explain how his father or my father really didn't help that much.  My mother often explains how when I was sick she still drove an hour away as a teacher to take me with her instead of leaving me home with my *off from work* father; his mother explains how many times he would be up at night & she was the one to pace the floor with him or how her food would be constantly cold because she allowed everyone else to eat & would have to take her dinner home when they dined out.  I don't find this acceptable & I actually fairly or unfairly expect more of my husband, he was no dummy to the work that comes with having a baby so I expect nothing less than his best & I'll give my best as well. This is just something that has been on my mind because I hear a lot of stories of this just being the way men are & I don't find it to be cool.

That ends my rant & my blog thought process today, just something on my mind & I promise  not to bring it up again.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This time last year...

I was packing my overnight bags & checking them twice because tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we were being induced at 7am. I was so scared because I was being induced 4 weeks early due to preeclampsia, I knew what to expect but was still scared of everything to come.  Yesterday(1 year ago) I went to my dr for a routine weekly check up in which the nurse discovered my blood pressure was a little higher than normal.  She asked me if I had any symptoms(headaches, tingling in the legs, seeing spots), wanted me to relax for a few moments, & was to check me again.  While we were waiting I had a conversation with my husband about how I had experienced all 3 of those symptoms in the past 2 weeks, after we talked he insisted I tell the doctor and she immediately said: "change of plans, you're going to the hospital".

As I was leaving the office I remember being in tears & feeling like I had done something wrong although I knew in my heart I hadn't. My pregnancy diet mainly consisted of fruit as I couldn't stand the look of meats, I was down 20lbs from pre pregnancy, & I did everything my drs told me to do.  I remember my hubby just holding me & saying: "everything will be fine", sometimes he's my *rock*. We got over to Labor & Delivery & we were immediately admitted to the floor & baby & I were put on a monitor.  After spending about 6 hours in my room being monitored I was discharged with a 24 hour urine catch, which means every time I pottied, I had to empty it into a jug & put it into our refrigerator(gag!).

The next morning I turned in my specimen at the hospital & hubby & I went home to finally relax.  Things were normal this day & hubby left for work, around 4:00 I noticed I had a voicemail from a number that I didn't notice so I listed to the message & it was my dr from a personal number asking if I could call her back as soon as I got the message.  I called her back & she immediately answered stating that my specimen showed preeclampsia & that I would be induced at 7:00am the following morning.  I left a message for hubby as he works 2nd shift & had only been at work for an hour, then I called my mom, mother in law, etc.

Hubby came home early & was tickled pink that he was finally meeting his boy & raced out to put the car seat in.  I didn't sleep much that night & I remember being so cold, happy, excited, scared, nervous, shaky, & crying as I told my parents & pup bye for my last time not as a mom.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome to my Nest.

Welcome to The Nilsen's Nest(if you couldn't tell by my title!). I'm super excited to start this blog about anything & everything! The name of my blog came from my love & recent obsession with owls, quirky bird, & making my home as bird-nest like as possible for my little dude. I'm just starting out so I'm not exactly sure what I'll write about, but I have figured out a good time for me to write & the basics of the blog so I'm good to go. Well it is my favorite part of the day (nap time) so hopefully I will have time to blog more this afternoon or night, all depending on how willing to let me blog my little dude is feeling.