Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Boys = Men in this post, this is the main thing to remember. 
This post came about as my dear poor husband has been sickly last night & today.  He seems to have some tummy bug although he says its "food poisoning", unfortunately I've been to FPville & know what it feels like & this is not it.  He started by getting sick last night & missing work then continued by having me take him to the Urgent Care today, staying in bed, & missing work again today. I honestly feel badly for him because he (like the majority of men) does not handle sickness well, I say this as I had gall stones which led to a gall bladder removal in May.  If you've ever had stones you know what I'm talking about & I had to continuously care for my son through the pain because my hubby works 2nd shift & there was no one to help; in addition to this I was caring for my little one the same afternoon after I had surgery. Not saying that he isn't feeling well, but just a thought of wondering where the term *man Up* came from...

The 2nd part of my post focuses on men's responsibilities & what society has come to expect & accept from them.  Most men are aware of the joys & woes of bringing a child into the world, or at least my hubby was. I bring up this topic because I notice more & more women accepting & expecting less than stellar help from their mates. My husband is very helpful when he chooses, if he has other things he wants or needs to do than he's obviously a little on the less side.  This is my situation: what I've noticed is when venting or discussing my husband with my mother or in law, in way of him not helping or stepping up to a sick baby or just being lack luster in general, both women go on to explain how his father or my father really didn't help that much.  My mother often explains how when I was sick she still drove an hour away as a teacher to take me with her instead of leaving me home with my *off from work* father; his mother explains how many times he would be up at night & she was the one to pace the floor with him or how her food would be constantly cold because she allowed everyone else to eat & would have to take her dinner home when they dined out.  I don't find this acceptable & I actually fairly or unfairly expect more of my husband, he was no dummy to the work that comes with having a baby so I expect nothing less than his best & I'll give my best as well. This is just something that has been on my mind because I hear a lot of stories of this just being the way men are & I don't find it to be cool.

That ends my rant & my blog thought process today, just something on my mind & I promise  not to bring it up again.


  1. When my hubby gets a little sick I will tell my best friend and she will say "Oh I thought I felt the world stop today". Isn't it funny as mom's when we are very sick, we still have to take care of the house, the kids, the husband. But when they get sick they become big babies. Great post! And thank you for the follow, I am now following you.

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    Lisa xoxo

  4. Ah, you hit one of my pet peeves about some men!
    I guess I am very blessed because my husband cooks (used to be a chef) and took care of the kids when they were small. Even though I was a SAHM he was responsible for taking care of the kids at least 1/2 of the time from the time he got home at 6pm until they went to bed. Why should a mom work 24 hours a day, but the one who works only has to work 10? My husband also took the kids out of town by himself a couple of times so I could get some home projects done without any interruption. Most women should have their husbands do this every couple of months so their husbands will appreciate their wives! Now if I could only get my husband to clean without me asking....then he'd be perfect! LOL! We are 50 by the way, just as a reference!
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  5. I totally empathize with you. Guys can be the biggest babies when they're sick and the selective help around the house can certainly make me crazy sometimes too.

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  6. I agree....you also have to look at the fact that men back then stood outside the maternity ward with cigars. You never found then holding their wife's hand thru labor...they were not involved. I'm so glad today's man or father is different...more involved fathers is what this world needs.

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  7. I expect the best out of my husband too and always give my best :) men can be such babies though for sure. Wanted to say hello and thank you for following my blog! I am now following you back :)

  8. Im sorry your having it so rough these past couple of days. Men are big babies tho.

  9. Oh honey you are spot on!

    First, men are a bunch of little b*&^%S when they're sick. ALL OF THEM. I would like to know if they expect us to stop functioning when we're sick.

    And as far as the men helping, I think this is something that a woman is responsible for. Meaning, she's the one that needs to lay the ground rules as far as the child's upbringing and who's going to be responsible for what. If nothing is said, or if we allow the man not to do anything then.. that's exactly what they're going to do: NOTHING. I don't care how a man was brought up. He needs to help. PERIOD. It's his baby too! Okay. That's how I feel about that. *kisses*