Thursday, January 20, 2011

1 is the loneliest number...

Disclaimer: This post is very Woe is Me...

Whenever I'm feeling a little more down than usual I use my "go-to" technique of Counting my blessings. At times I get a little upset & feel lonely when I sit on the thought of my husband working 2nd shift & how there really is no end in sight. It's quite difficult at times to do everything by myself in the afternoon & through the night & It would just be great to have an extra set of hands or a back up tag team person home for me.  The thing I worry about most are my migraines, when I get one I am virtually useless, I can't think, see straight, or function normally so I will usually head on over to my mother in law's house.

My blessings are so over the top that I really feel bad complaining at all, but I just wish this 1 part of my life could be fixed.  I am thankful that hubby wakes up early enough in the morning to share most of our day with us until he goes to work so I don't really have that much to be down about. He mostly works 6(sometimes 7) days a week so we usually make the most of our Sunday's & actually go out & spend time as a family, we grocery shop on Thursday mornings as a family & I really treasure our time together.

I have some seriously fabulous friends & family, however they all live between 5-7 hours away so the phone or web are my methods of keeping in contact with them. I visit about every 3 months & my parents come to visit sometime in between so that all helps some, but I just feel alone at times. We're hoping to move back North after Spring, but it will be a difficult time as we have an amazing home that I love, hubby has a great paying job, & his mom & sister live here. We more than likely will be starting over due to increased house prices & a decrease in hubby's pay, but we're completely ready just to be where we want.

Making new friends that live closer to me has definitely been a thought on my mind lately but I just can't seem to get out there.  I am a part of a few mommy groups, but haven't been to any play dates because of my fear of fitting in & germs. On Sunday I spoke with my dad on the phone & he suggested getting involved in a church & my only fear there would be leaving baby bird with adults that I've never met & he reassured me that these people would be "Godly" & I should feel safe.  I've really been thinking about this & I'm pretty set on going ahead with it, I could fellowship on Sunday & Wednesday nights & meet some pretty awesome people in the process. I'm not exactly sure what will happen with hubby as he doesn't really "do church" & that is our only day together, but I've got to make some kind of change for myself.

To other Stay At Home Moms:
How do you go about meeting friends & keeping your sanity in your day to day life of raising your children?


  1. Always in the same place together. I am going to read what others tell you. Remember you have EVERYTHING to offer new friends, you are truly an amazing friend! Im very blessed to have you.

  2. Praying for ya and sendin ya smiles!!! Visiting from MBC! Have a great weekend! Stop by, if you get a chance. We’d love to have ya :)

    Your new friends,
    koco & viking

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  4. Hi tBirdie! Like you, I don't get to meet new friends that much, since I became a stay-at-home mom. I do have online friends...those I have come in contact with via my blog. They're usually mom-bloggers or parenting advocates. From time to time, my friends from college and from work, set a get-together...for dinner usually. So I always look forward to those times. Otherwise, either I'm just here at home and caring for my daughter, or attending a celebration or party hosted by a relatives...and I have A LOT of relatives! :)

    By the way, tBirdie...thought you should know that I have awarded you and your blog (plus 14 other mom blogs) with the Stylish Blogger Award. Hope you can find it in your spare time to read my post about it at:

    Godspeed always!

    - Mama Mia

  5. Following you from Bloggy Moms! I host a monthly girls night deemed 'Goddess Night' and a monthly craft night. If I find anyone that I have engaged in conversation, at lunch, at the grocery, etc. that seems interesting I invite them over for girl-bonding time. It has garnered me many new friendships and rekindled old ones.

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance!

    Ry @

  6. I'm right there with FH works second shift, plus a shift from 1p-2a on Sundays. And his days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. It really does suck not having him around, with no end in sight. Keep your head up!! Know that there are definitely others of us out there.