Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gifts, appointments, & a resolution; just a normal Tuesday! :)

I've been wanting to blog about what's been on my mind lately, but haven't found a clever way to explain so I'm just going for it.  Presents, gifts,treats, surprises....

It has to be obvious why this topic is on the top layer of my brain lately; Christmas.  This holiday isn't stressful because of families or traveling, to me it's stressful because of the search for the perfect present & need to please others.  I wish I could afford to gift each of my friends at Christmas with amazing & extravagant jewels but I just can't.  I am a stay at home mom so the presents that I can gift come from saving money throughout the year or from the hubby's bank account so it's no small task to pick up something special for my friends. I adore my family & friends so of course I want to show them how much I appreciate them & feel for them, so it's a hard place to be in when you can't fully express it by surprising them with something they'll love. I think my solution to this for next year is to try to gift throughout the year for birthday's & send cards, it seems more personal & will hopefully take the pressure off but I'll keep you updated.

I have been insanely busy with baby bird's birthday, Christmas, family, snow storms, company, New Years, & Dr's appointments. I'm still struggling to figure out which path my blog will go in, but I'm trying tons of new things & trying to get settled so hopefully soon I will figure out what my blog will be about. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read, follow, & comment; I am insanely grateful & you guys make me feel great!

Baby bird had his 1 year well-child visit today & his stats were 21lbs 5oz & 29 1/2 in long, I couldn't be any more proud of him, I felt such tremendous love & pride while sharing moments with family & friends this holiday.

My last thought is more of an announcement & acknowledgement that I've been doing something wrong, I chose to monitor my phone conversations about a month ago & I was spending 2-3 hours on the phone throughout the day. I was so upset with the time & attention this was stealing from baby bird that I've decided to cut down on my socialization. This means telling my mom I've got to go more, not calling friends as much, & even missing a call or 2 just to give that extra time to baby bird, because I want him to feel my love & attention that I so adore giving to him.  I will be blogging either at nap time or bed time only, which I've been doing, so not too much of a change here. So that's the end of my rant for today, don't feel bad to my friends if we don't talk as much because I do care & just think of how happy you'll be when you receive your birthday card or present on "your" special day! :)



  1. Girl you're gorgeous, thanks for the follow ;-)

  2. I nominated you for the Stylish Blog Award! Im your follower and love your blog!
    Check it out here!

  3. Hi tBirdie! I loved reading this post! You were very true to yourself. I completely understand ansd relate to what you are going through as I, too, am a SAHM. I'm now following you as well and I pray that this year 2011 and onwards, things will be better for us and our families. I wish you more power and Godspeed!


  4. Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following. I am following you back! Being a stay at home mom and having to purchase presents can be a little tricky, I can relate! And, never feel bad about letting a phone call go to spend time with your little one. I tell people, leave a message and I will call you back later. If I am in the middle of something with my kiddos, I don't get up:) Most people are understanding and those that aren't, oh well! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Hope you enjoy the extra time with your baby bird, I am trying to limit my computer time when the boys are around and spend more of it with them. I found you from Me, The Man & The Baby x

  6. I understand the need to let people go on the phone, the babies always come first. As for presents, just being your friend is present enough. LOVE YOU AND baby bird!!!