Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old habits die hard, Or do they?

Lately I've noticed a "hobby" of mine increasingly getting worse! I am the worst cover/back-up singer when it comes to driving along in my car alone. I tend to turn the music up a little louder, mix in a little hand choreography, & go for (dare I say it?) the high notes; yep the mother load(think Mariah Carey or Celine Dion!). Sometimes I believe my mind puts me in that person's place as an artist or even at a concert!  I used to feel so much shame while belting it out that I would pay attention to where the cars are around me & stop singing as they came into view! So you ask: "how could it get worse?", well, I still sing, but now if a car is near me I continue to sing, but try to mask it as I'm talking on a blue tooth or something! I know I'm not alone in this & it actually gives me a giggle when I think about it, but something must be done!

Okay on to the more serious part of this post & I'm completely aware of most people reflecting on this because of the time of year; Diet! There are so many options now, that it really is hard to decide which diet to choose. I've decided to list my options & weigh them out, while considering the time it takes to see results, easiest to maintain, & the best overall in the long run; here are my options:
Weight Watchers: Old faithful, I know it is because I've lost 30lbs this way before, I was a bit younger but it wasn't so hard after the 1st week of seeing a 4lb result just from habit change.  I already have the materials, but feel like I would benefit from the support of a meeting, the funds just aren't there for a $40/month weight in & chat. This is the diet that gives me the most flexibility, but this isn't always good in the sense if you give me 1 chocolate I'm going to eat 35!
South beach/Atkins: these may work for some people, but not for me; I do not have a love for "meat" & really could do without a diet with so much of it involved
Nutrisystem/Jenny Craig: Completely out of the question, if I don't want to spend the $40/month then $300 is way out of range
Raw foods/All veg: This is my clear choice as it's the easiest to go with, & obviously will yield pretty fast results which I need to stick with it. I worry about the after, but in my head I imagine that once I get started my insane sugar cravings will decline.  Who knows, we'll see since this is the diet I've chosen to start a week from today for 10 days just to see if it's even possible!

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  1. I sing in my car like I am the next American Idol! hahaha. I have been thinking about trying Weight Watchers. They have a new program and it is supposed to really emphasize fruits and veggies. Good luck with the weight loss.

  2. There is nothing wrong with singing in the car, I do it all the time and my music (Disney) Im sure is way more embarrasing then yours. Good luck with the dieting.

  3. New follower and I rock out in our car too, and I am terrible haha but I love it!

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  5. I sing in the shower!

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  6. for what it's worth, the thing that has time & time worked for me is just pure & simple calorie counting. eat whatever you want in moderation, weigh portions & learn portion control. it's tough but rewarding!

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  8. just the same here.. :)
    gonna try watching what I eat.. there is an iphone program called fit that I input what I ate and it manages my calories intake with exercise i do.. Kinda like WW.

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  12. Thanks for following me from MBC! As for the diet, an all raw/veg diet can get tough so don't get discouraged! I was a vegetarian for a year before I got pregnant (I wasn't getting enough protein for the baby... nausea hit whenever beans, eggs, or peanut butter entered the room...) and it's easy as long as you have recipes. Stock up on them and you will do fine! Also if you are trying to mainly have produce you will find yourself eating A LOT! Make sure you get grains and beans to keep you full. Good luck!

  13. The best thing I ever did was try "strive for five," where you basically make an effort to eat five full portions of fruits & veggies each day. It fills you up & easily substitutes all the high cal junk.

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